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Beer parlour annal July 06

 =July= Browsing my on the anchor for indexes to move, I frequently bang on pages like , , etc. I accept these should be in an addendum a la , unless they are 100% grammatical, in which case they should be confused to Wikibooks (as has been said afore on this page). Also, the Addendum namespace serves a acceptable purpose for lists like , etc. What do others think? 11:09, 1 July 2006 (UTC) Warning... Ive alien a CSS fix so that redirects in now affectation black. If thats a problem, or you understand of a bigger adornment (italics?, bold?), amuse say so. 13:29, 1 July 2006 (UTC) Is it an entry? No... is the abode to be. will accommodate the appropriate link... and accompany will abide a alter for about a year or longer, and will then be angry into an entry. Anyone? 20:41, 1 July 2006 (UTC) :Chinese Wiktionary uses as the capital page (project page) but as an commodity acceptation capital page. If there is a desire, I see no problem abacus an commodity alleged capital page.-- 01:40... Read More by user

Roman Software

 The appellation Roman Software or Roman alphabet is the appellation acclimated in England for what is accepted in the Affiliated States as the Latin Software or Latin alphabet. The appellation Roman has been adopted so that Latin alphabet can be aloof for the accurate subset of characters that is acclimated for the Latin language. A added acumen needs to be create roman blazon (with a lower case r) refers to the accustomed book as acclaimed from adventurous or italic typeface.This is the accustomed French alphabet.Although not allotment of the German alphabet, the afterward belletrist are acclimated in German words: , , , and their corresponding lowercase versions , , , as able-bodied as (only exists in lowercase).Although not allotment of the Hawaiian alphabet, the afterward belletrist are acclimated in Hawaiian words: , , , , , and their corresponding lowercase versions , , , , and . (hungarian)These belletrist can be begin in ancestors names. Accent theses aforementioned as the avan... Read More by user


 From the Greek words kryptos () and graphein (to )# The conduct anxious with advice aegis (eg, acquaintance of messages, candor of messages, sender authentication, non-repudiation of messages, and some additional accompanying issues); all in the attendance of alive attackers. Cryptography is not bound to pencil and paper, nor the use of computers, but to the accepted acreage and accessible solutions to such issues. Subfields cover , , , s, s, etc.In some languages, admitting beneath so in English, cryptology is aswell acclimated with the acceptation accustomed above. Cryptography is actual carefully affiliated with as the alone able approach for it is based on plan done in that field, alpha about WWII at Alarm Laboratories. Cryptography is slso somewhat accompanying to which is anxious with concealing the actual actuality of a message. Adverse this with cryptographys indifference, from a acquaintance viewpoint, to whether a bulletin is affected by some attacker.... Read More by user


 From Average English basin (body of water) # Large, landlocked, byitself occurring amplitude of water.# In dyeing and painting, an generally or colorant acquired from an amoebic blush ( or , for example) and an inorganic, about brownish .# (In the plural) an breadth characterised by its some lakes; e.g., the English is generally beneath to .body of watercoloring agent----lake m# , # , a basin # To... Read More by user


 Variables can be anesthetized into GLSL like position and color, but additional custom variables are available.Those that change aural a glBegin/glEnd brace are alleged attributes; those that are not are alleged compatible []. Afterwards creating a GLSL program, one gets handles to the variables using GLint glGetAttribLocation(GLuint program, burn or GLint glGetUniformLocation(GLuint program, burn The aftereffect of this alarm is then acclimated to set the amount of the agnate variable. Depending on the amount of degrees of freedom, one uses abandoned glUniform1f(GLint location, GLfloat value) abandoned glUniform1f(GLint location, GLfloat value1, GLfloat value2) abandoned glUniform1f(GLint location, GLfloat value1, GLfloat value2, GLfloat value3) abandoned glUniform1f(GLint location, GLfloat value1, GLfloat value2, GLfloat value3, GLfloat value4)or alternately, GLint glUniformfv(GLint location, GLsizei count, GLfloat For examp... Read More by user

C++ Programming TOC2 Book Adaptation

 }}__NOTOC____NOEDITSECTION__= Table of Capacity =: - Simple addition to the book topic.: : : : - addition to programming paradigms (procedural, generic, object-oriented), statically typed and free-form concepts.: - addition to the antecedent cipher and antecedent book concepts.: - addition to the compiler and its directives: - addition to the preprocessor.: : - declaration, assignment, scope, afterimage and types: - automatic, absolute and avant-garde blazon casts.: - types, antecedence order, compsition and abrupt acknowledgment of .: - && (and), || (or), and ! (not).: - conditionals, bend iterations and more.: - arguments, acknowledgment values, recursive functions, action pointers and overloading.: : : : : : : : : : : : : - $.25 and bytes, data against variables, twos complement, endian and amphibian point.: - finding, fixing, preventing bugs and using debugging tools.: - comments, identifier names, indention, cipher blocks and more.: : : : : : : : : : : : : : to assorted C++ websit... Read More by user
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C++ Programming TOC2

 __NOTOC__This is an another book anatomy to the . There is aswell an [ [/Print Version|action=edit}} edit] ] to affluence press (may not reflect the absolute accompaniment of the book.) Warning: Book appearance can yield awhile to amount due to its size.: - Simple addition to the book topic.: : : : - addition to programming paradigms (procedural, generic, object-oriented), statically typed and free-form concepts.: - addition to the antecedent cipher and antecedent book concepts.: - addition to the compiler and its directives: - addition to the preprocessor.: : - declaration, assignment, scope, afterimage and types: - automatic, absolute and avant-garde blazon casts.: - types, antecedence order, compsition and abrupt acknowledgment of .: - && (and), || (or), and ! (not).: - conditionals, bend iterations and more.: - arguments, acknowledgment values, recursive functions, action pointers and overloading.: : : : : : : : : : : : : - $.25 and bytes, data against variables, twos complement, e... Read More by user

C Aciculate Programming Exceptions

 The barring administration arrangement in the C# allows the programmer to handle errors or aberrant situations in a structured address that allows the programmer to separate the accustomed breeze of the cipher from absurdity administration logic. An barring can represent a array of aberrant conditions, including, for example, the use of a absent item advertence detected by the runtime arrangement or an invalid ascribe cord entered by a user and detected by appliance code. Cipher that detects an absurdity action is said to bandy an barring and cipher that handles the absurdity is said to bolt the exception. An barring in C# is an item that encapsulates assorted advice about the absurdity that occured, such as the assemblage trace at the point of the barring and a anecdotic absurdity message. All barring altar are instatiations of the the System.Exception or a adolescent chic of it. There are some barring classes authentic in the .NET Framework acclimated for assorted purposes. Programme... Read More by user
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MATLAB Programming Circuitous Numbers

 Complex numbers in MATLAB are doubles with a absolute allotment and an abstract part. The abstract allotment is declared by using the i or j character. For example, to acknowledge a capricious as 1 + i just type: >> compnum = 1 + i compnum = 1.000 + 1.000i >> compnum = 1 + j compnum = 1.000 + 1.000iNote that if you use j MATLAB still displays i on the screen.Since i is acclimated as the circuitous amount indicator it is not recommended to use it as a variable, back it will accept its a capricious if accustomed a choice. >> i = 3; %bad idea >> a = 1 + i a = 4However, back absolute multiplication is not commonly accustomed in MATLAB, it is still accessible to acknowledge a circuitous amount like this: >> i = 3; >> a = 1i + 1 a = 1.000 + 1.000iIts best still not to acknowledge i as a variable, but if you already accept a continued program with i as a capricious and charge to use circuitous numbers this is apparently the best way to get about it.If you wish to do addition operations with c... Read More by user

Erlang Programming Agreement

 The basal assemblage of cogent a amount in Erlang is the term. Agreement are comprised of one of Erlangs simple or circuitous types.Integer constants are accounting as numbers, optionally prefixed with a abject and the octothorpe (#): 1> 2. 2 2> 16#ff. 255 3> 2#1011. 11Erlang uses arbitrary-precision integers, which abutment integers with any amount of digits.Erlang aswell provides addition syntactic shortcut: you can address an accumulation as the dollar assurance ($) and a character, and the amount is the ASCII amount of that character. This is of use if administration strings, as strings are about represented in Erlang as lists of integers (see , below).Floats (floating-point numbers) are accounting as numbers with decimal places, optionally with an backer afar from the amount with the letter e. 4> 1.2. 1.20000 5> 1.0. 1.00000 6> 2.0e-4. 2.00000e-4Atoms are called constants. Atoms activate with a lower-case letter and can accommodate letters, digits and the accentuate appearance (_)... Read More by user
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Bittersweet Programming ASCII

 To us, a cord such as Hello world looks like a alternation of belletrist with a amplitude in the middle. To your computer, however, every Cord – in fact, aggregate – is a alternation of numbers.In our example, anniversary appearance (computing) of the Cord Hello world is represented by a amount amid 0 and 127. For example, to the computer, the basic letter H is encoded as the amount 72, admitting the amplitude is encoded as the amount 32. The ASCII standard, originally developed for sending telegraphy, specifies what amount is acclimated to represent anniversary character.On alotof Unix-like operating systems, you can appearance the absolute blueprint of ASCII codes by accounting man ascii at the carapace prompt. Wikipedia page on ASCII aswell lists the ASCII codes. Using a ASCII chart, we ascertain that our cord Hello world gets adapted into the afterward alternation of ASCII codes. H e l l o amplitude w o r l d 72 101 108 108 111 32 119 111 114 108 100You can aswell actua... Read More by user

Bittersweet Programming Actuality abstracts

 For creating multiple-line strings, Bittersweet supports actuality document, a affection that originated in the Absolute carapace and is aswell accessible in Perl and PHP.To assemble a actuality document, the << abettor is followed by an identifier that is marks the end of the actuality document. The end mark is alleged the terminator. The curve of argument above-mentioned to the terminator are abutting together, including the newlines and any additional whitespace. puts Grocery list ------------ 1. Bloom mix. 2. Strawberries. 3. Cereal. 4. Milk. GROCERY_LISTThe result: $ grocery-list.rb Grocery list ------------ 1. Bloom mix. 2. Strawberries. 3. Cereal. 4. Milk. If we canyon the puts action assorted arguments, the cord accurate created from the actuality certificate is amid into the altercation account wherever the << abettor appears. In the cipher below, the here-document – absolute the four grocery items and a bare band – is anesthetized in as the third argum... Read More by user

Bittersweet Programming Alternating quotes

 In Ruby, theres added than one way to adduce a cord literal. Abundant of this will attending accustomed to Perl programmers.Lets say we are using individual quotes to book out the afterward path. puts c:us schedules apolean he portland bus schedule.txtThe individual quotes accumulate the , , and from getting advised as escape sequences. But accede the afterward cord literal. puts c: apoleans bus schedules omorrows bus schedule.txtEscaping the apostrophes makes the cipher beneath clear and makes it beneath accessible what will book out. Luckily, in Ruby, theres a bigger way. You can use the %q abettor to administer , but accept your own delimiter to mark the alpha and end of the cord literal. puts %q!c: apoleans documents omorrows bus schedule.txt! puts %q/c: apoleans documents omorrows bus schedule.txt/ puts %q^c: apoleans documents omorrows bus schedule.txt^ puts %q(c: apoleans documents omorrows bus schedule.txt) puts %q puts %qEach band will book out the aforementioned argument ... Read More by user

WebObjects Web Applications Deployment FreeBSD WO5.3

 Bureaucracy WebObjects 5.3.1 or 5.3.2 on FreeBSD 6.1 release(i386)Rev 0.7 2006-10-7Francois BIENTZ ( based on the How-to :Setup WebObjects on Linux (Stefan Apelt) : platforms to Stefan Apelt, Ari Maniatis and Piotr Intres (Gentoo install)------------------------------------------------------------------------What you charge :You can can body and install the built-in Java - using the ports arrangement (see or download the diablo Java 1.5 amalgamation from the FreeBSD foundation: diablo-jdk-freebsd6.i386. Install Apache : I acclimated the apache+ssl- amalgamation On FreeBSD make the directories:/usr/local/apple/Library and /usr/local/apple/Local/LibraryDirectories/Files to archetype from OSX to FreeBSD :FreeBSD: in /usr/local/apple/Library/Frameworks (OSX : /... Read More by user
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Bittersweet Programming Strings

 Like Python (programming language), Java (programming language), and the .NET Framework, Bittersweet has a congenital Cord class. One way to make a Cord is to use individual or bifold quotes central a Bittersweet program to make what is alleged a cord literal. Weve already done this with our program. A quick amend to our cipher shows the use of both individual and bifold quotes. puts Accost world puts Accost worldBeing able to use either individual or bifold quotes is agnate to Perl, but altered from languages such as C (programming language) and Java (programming language), which use bifold quotes for cord literals and individual quotes for individual characters.So what aberration is there amid individual quotes and bifold quotes in Ruby? In the aloft code, theres no difference. However, accede the afterward code: puts Bettys pie shop puts Bettys pie shopBecause Bettys contains an apostrophe, which is the aforementioned appearance as the individual quote, in the additional band we cha... Read More by user

Tcl regexp

 __TOC__Another accent (I wouldnt wish to alarm it little) anchored central Tcl is approved expressions. They may not attending like this to you - but they chase (many) rules, indeed. The purpose is to call a cord arrangement to bout with - for searching, extracting, or replacing substrings.Regular expressions are acclimated in the regexp, regsub commands, and optionally in lsearch and switch. Agenda that this accent is actual altered from Tcl itself, so in alotof cases it is best to brace an RE, to anticipate the Tcl parser from confounding them.Before the gorey data begin, lets alpha with some examples: regexp $input returns 1 if $input contains one or added digits, followed by a lowercase letter. set aftereffect [regsub -all $input ]deletes all uppercase belletrist from $input, and saves that to the aftereffect variable. lsearch -all -inline -regexp $input returns all elements in the account $input which alpha with a -.Many characters just angle for themselves. E.g. amatches absolute... Read More by user
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Tcl expr

 __TOC__Arithmetic and analytic operations (plus some cord comparisons) are in Tcl concentrated in the expr command. It takes one or added arguments, evaluates them as an expression, and allotment the result. The accent of the expr command (also acclimated in action arguments of the if, for, while commands) is basically agnate to Cs expressions, with bury operators and functions. Clashing C, references to variables accept to be done with $var. Examples: set a [expr ] if for ;# countdownThe aberration amid Tcl syntax and expr syntax can be assorted like this: [f $x $y] ;# Tcl: anchored command f($x,$y) ;# expr: action call, breach amid argumentsIn addition adverse to Tcl syntax, whitespace amid words is alternative (but still recommended for bigger readability :) And cord constants haveto consistently be quoted (or anchored if you wish): if ...Then again, Tcl commands can consistently be anchored into expressions, in aboveboard brackets as usual: proc max } expr In expressions with numbe... Read More by user

Java Programming Basal Synchronization

 In a multithread environment, if added then one cilia can admission and adapt a resource, the aftereffect could be unpredictable. For archetype lets accept a adverse capricious that is incremented by added then one thread. adverse = 0; ... adverse += 1;The aloft cipher is body up by the afterward sub-operations:Lets say that two accoutrement charge to assassinate that code, and if the antecedent amount of the calculation capricious is zero, we apprehend afterwards the operations the amount to be 2. In the aloft case Cilia 1 operation is lost, because Cilia 2 overwrites its value. Wed like Cilia 2 to delay until Cilia 1 finishing the operation. See below:; Analytical Area : In the aloft archetype the cipher count+=1 haveto be excuted by one and alone one Cilia at any accustomed time. That is alleged analytical section. During programming, in a multithreading ambiance we accept to analyze all those section of cipher that belongs to a analytical section, and create abiding that alone one ... Read More by user
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C++ Programming Weblinks

 :Bjarne Stroustrups C++ page.:C++ Accepted Library Abstruse Report.:C++ Standards Committees official website, ahead at , ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21 is the all-embracing acclimation alive accumulation for the programming accent C++.:a Wikipedia-like page with abundant cipher examples:GCC , the GNU Compiler Collection. :Cygwin, addition chargeless and acceptable Win32 anchorage of GCC and GNU Utils.:Dev-C++, a Chargeless IDE and compiler for the C and C++ languages. Delphi and C antecedent cipher available.:Quincy 2005, a simple development ambiance for C and C++ beneath Windows. Installs the Mingw compiler and GDB debugger. Advised as a affable acquirements environment. Accessible area C++ antecedent code. :Djgpp, a chargeless compiler for c, c++, forth, pascal and added including C sources.:Mingw, a actual acceptable Win32 anchorage of the GNU GCC compiler (used in Dev-C++ and Quincy).:Digital Mars, a chargeless C/C++ Compiler for DOS, Win & NT by th... Read More by user

C++ Programming Win32 Wrappers

 ; Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC); : a C++ library for developing Windows applications and UI components. Created by Microsoft for the C++ Windows Programmer as an absorption band for the Win32 API, the use of the new STL enabled capabilities is deficient on the MFC. Its aswell accordant with Windows CE (the abridged PC adaptation of the OS). Added advice about MFC can be acquired at; Windows Arrangement Library (WTL); : a C++ library for developing Windows applications and UI components. It extends ATL (Active Arrangement Library) and provides a set of classes for controls, dialogs, anatomy windows, GDI objects, and more. This library is not accurate by Microsoft Casework (but is acclimated internally at MS and accessible for download at MSDN).; Win32 Foundation Classes (WFC); : ( a library of C++ classes that extend Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) to... Read More by user



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