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Linux Adviser Freezes

 This page describes how to get out of problems if programs go wrong. The alotof accepted way is by killing the process: that is acclimation it to stop. If you annihilate a process, youll apparently lose any unsaved data on the process, and on any processes it has spawnedThis page aswell describes what to do if the computer is absolutely frozen.These suggestions accept added adverse after-effects the added down the account you go. For archetype killing a window in KDE will lose the unsaved data in that program, wheras acute the displace button could base all data on harder drive (in acute cases).DISCLAIMER: Afterward instructions actuality may advance to accident of data from your computer.The absence easy-to-use appliance for killing arctic pieces of software if using an X ambiance is xkill, the next window you bang will be killed. xkillThe absence Keys for abandonment problem applications in KDE are:The gnome-system-monitor gui program is one way to appearance alive processes, end pro... Read More by user

Linux Adviser Booting

 When a computer is angry on, it commonly begins the action of booting by account software from the systems harder deejay (or additional [ non-volatile storage] medium), and loading into it anamnesis and then active it. In this action the atom is loaded and then assorted additional arrangement programs may be loaded.A Linux arrangement can be configured to cossack up to one of several accessible run levels: 0 Arrest the system. 1 Single-user approach (for appropriate administration). 2-5 Accustomed operation (user defined). 6 Reboot.The afterward adduce from The Debian GNU/Linux FAQ explains how to add a custom action to a Debian or Debian based arrangement boot:Suppose a arrangement needs to assassinate Software foo on start-up, or on access to a accurate (System V) runlevel. Then the arrangement ambassador should:The command update-rc.d will set up links amid files in the directories rc?.d and the Software in /etc/init.d/. Anniversary h... Read More by user

Linux Adviser Using the carapace

 ; For advice about a command, try man which will accompany up the chiral for it. Agenda that some command are body in your carapace and do not accept a man page, use your analyst centralized command (should be advice ).Copy agenda options: $cp -frvp /source /destination ^ ^^^^ ^ ^ | |||| | ----------- Aisle from basis is best | |||| -------------------- Aisle to archetype from basis best | |||| | |||| Advantage FLAGS---------------- | |||------------------------- Accumulate permissions | ||-------------------------- Verbose | |--------------------------- Recursive files and folders | ---------------------------- Force | ---------------------------- -------------------------------- Archetype command cp assay test -copy book called assay to agenda called test cp assay . -copy book called assay to accepted agenda (note aeon at end of command line) cp prod/p -copy all files alpha with p to letters directory -can about-face pCopy img to floppy: dd bs=2x80x18b if=/dev/fd0 of=/tmp/floppy.imgC... Read More by user

Linux Adviser LDAP affidavit in Linux

 Activated on Fedora Amount 4 only1. Install afterward RPMs openldap-2.2.23-5.i386.rpm openldap-clients-2.2.23-5.i386.rpm openldap-servers-2.2.23-5.i386.rpm2. Configure and Alpha OpenLDAP Adapt book /etc/openldap/slapd.conf and change 3 settings 1. suffix dc=example,dc=com 2. rootdn cn=manager,dc=example,dc=com 3. rootpw yourrootpassword To Alpha OpenLDAP run command account ldap start3. Use Clearing Software to make ldif files from /etc/passwd and /etc/group Go to agenda /usr/share/openldap/migrationedit and change 2 settings 1. $DEFAULT_MAIL_DOMAIN =; 2. $DEFAULT_BASE = dc=example,dc=com;Create 3 ldif files in /root agenda with afterward commands ./ /etc/group /root/group.ldif ./ /etc/passwd /root/passwd.ldif ./ > /root/base.ldif4. Acceptation ldif files into OpenLDAP ldapadd -cx -D cn=manager,dc=example,dc=com -w yourrootpassword -f /root/base.ldif ldapadd -cx -D cn=manager,dc=example,dc=com -w yourrootpass... Read More by user

Online linux affix What you charge to affix

 You can accept some accessible configurations for abutting to the Internet with the [ Slackware Distro]. The alotof capital allotment is the computer, but the alotof basal allotment is the alotof accepted Slackware Distro CDs. You can download these via FTP or HTTP, and rsync is the latest way to access the distros, but we wont do it that way seeing that we are just starting out here.You should accept one of two means accessible to get into the Internet. It is somewhat absurd to create a adviser on how to get online with Baggy if we arent bold you accept addition way to affix to the Internet with addition (or the same) computer. We will basically archetype the way your accepted PC connects to the Internet with its corresponding [ Operating System] (OS).The first way is via Ethernet. This uses the 10/100/1000base-T hardware, and TCP/IP for data packets.The additional way is via Wireless. This uses the 802... Read More by user

Linux Adviser Linux commands

 An A-Z Basis of the Linux Back-bite command lineNote: The majority of commands listed actuality accord to .:The next account is from . Commands should be alloyed into the table above, with best explanations placed about in . X11 commands go in the book. Some of these are applications (like acroread); anyone needs to acquisition a book or abode for that you deceit recursively annul your /dev agenda after cogent the arrangement youre abiding you wish to do it.The syntax for the complete adaptation isTo set the uid to the owners permissions, useTo set the uid to the groups permissions, useThere are lots of aegis issues accompanying to acceptance a program to accept roots permissions if run by an accustomed user. I dont pretend to accept all of these issues.** cp -r /sourcedirectory /targetdirectory* cpio - absolute archetype of files to an achievement device. Allows conception of annal book spanning assorted diskettes. Allows one agenda anatomy to be mirrored abroad on the allotme... Read More by user
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Alive Knoppix Knoppix cossack options

 knoppix lang=cn|de|da|es|fr|it|nl specify language/keyboard knoppix lang=pl|ru|sk|tr|tw|us specify language/keyboard knoppix alsa (or alsa=es1938) Use ALSA complete disciplinarian (at your own risk) knoppix desktop=fluxbox|icewm Use defined WM instead of KDE (1) knoppix desktop=kde|larswm|twm Use defined WM instead of KDE (2) knoppix desktop=wmaker|xfce Use defined WM instead of KDE (3) knoppix screen=1280x1024 Use defined Awning resolution for X knoppix xvrefresh=60 (or vsync=60) Use 60 Hz vertical brace amount for X knoppix xhrefresh=80 (or hsync=80) Use 80 kHz accumbent brace amount for X knoppix xserver=XFree86|XF86_SVGA Use defined X-Server knoppix xmodule=ati|fbdev|i810|mga Use defined XFree4-Module (1) knoppix xmodule=nv|radeon|savage|s3 Use defined XFree4-Module (2) knoppix xmodule=radeon|svga|i810 Use defined XFree4-Module (3) knoppix 2 Runlevel 2, Textmode only knoppix floppyconfig Run from a floppy knoppix myconf=/dev/sda1 Run from a partition knoppix m... Read More by user

Alive Knoppix Alternatives to KDE

 = Alternatives to KDE =Knoppix has six another desktop managers. These let you run the X Window Arrangement on a computer that doesnt accept abundant RAM for KDE. They aswell save loading time, because they amount abundant added quickly.A baby and fast window administrator in the Microsoft Windows style. A simple and affected window administrator with a actual solid feel. Similar in appearance to Window Maker. Xfce stands for “The Cholesterol Chargeless Desktop Environment”. An another window manager. In Lars Window Manager, about aggregate is done with the keyboard instead of the mouse. Lars Window Administrator is advised for programmers that absorb alotof of their time alive with text. TWM is advised to use as little RAM as possible. If you alpha Knoppix on a computer after abundant RAM to run KDE, it will run Tab Window Administrator instead. = Starting an another window administrator =Use one of these commands at the cossack prompt. knoppix desktop=icewm # IceWM knoppix desktop=wm... Read More by user
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Alive Knoppix Avant-garde startup options

 “There is alone one acceptable way to cossack a computer.” -- J. H. Goldfuss= Overview =This area explains the bootup options for Knoppix. Use these options to fine-tune Knoppix for your accouterments and acceleration it up.= Enabling DMA =The first and foremost way to create Knoppix run faster that about anybody can use is to accredit DMA. It stands for Absolute Anamnesis Access. It improves the acceleration of harder deejay drives and it can aswell advice CD-ROM drives. DMA is not accurate on all computers, so Knoppix turns it off by default. To accredit DMA, add dma to your cossack command, for example: knoppix lang=uk dmaTo analysis the acceleration of the harder deejay drive, bang the Knoppix menu, accept “Root Shell” and enter: hdparm -t /dev/hdaReplace “hda” with the accessory name of your harder drive appropriately. Afterwards a abeyance of about 3 seconds, you will get a little address that will acquaint you how fast your harder drive reads data. DMA makes a appealing big diff... Read More by user

Alive Knoppix Award abidingness

 = Award abidingness =“The box said that I bare to accept Windows 98 or better… so I installed Linux.” -- Knoppix lets you abundance personalised settings, certificate files and arrangement settings on a disk. This saves you from accepting to set up Knoppix from blemish every time you run it.Personalisation is what makes your computer yours. Personalised settings cover appliance preferences, for example, your favourite KDE accomplishments wallpaper. Abstracts are the files that you make using Knoppix applications, such as cartoon and chat candy certificate files. Personalised settings and abstracts are stored in a appropriate abode alleged your Home directory.Knoppix lets you accumulate your Home agenda on addition disk. This is alleged creating a assiduous Knoppix home directory. It allows you to use a personalised Knoppix annual everywhere you go. For example, you can sit down at one computer, do some work, go to addition computer, and backpack on working.This works be... Read More by user
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Alive Knoppix Accepting advice

 “Wheres the Any key?” -- Adjudicator Simpson= How to get advice =The Knoppix CD carries the official account of frequently asked questions and answers. It is provided in several languages. To apprehend the English version:#Click the CD-ROM figure for your Knoppix CD#Click the “KNOPPIX” folder.#Click the “KNOPPIX-FAQ-EN.txt” file.#Wait for a moment while the “KWrite” appliance starts.#The English adaptation of the “Frequently Asked Questions” book will appear.See the “unofficial” Knoppix web website for added FAQs, user forums, and how to get the latest adaptation of Knoppix. Web link The website for users, developers, and testers of Knoppix []There is a commitment list, which is for development of Knoppix. The discussions are in German and English.The commitment account homepage is: []The athenaeum are at: [http://mailman.... Read More by user

Alive Knoppix Convalescent from freezes

 It is accessible for the X Window System, the K Desktop Environment, or an alone appliance to “freeze up”. This area explains what to do if that happens.= Accepting rid of an alone appliance =The alotof accepted bearings is to accept a program that just doesnt assume to wish to go away. Even if you bang the abutting button on its window, it still wont disappear. To get rid of it:#Press Ctrl+Alt+Esc on the keyboard.#The arrow will change into a skull and crossbones.#Point anywhere central the window that you wish to get rid of.#Click the larboard abrasion button.#The aberrant program will be killed.= Restarting the X Window Arrangement =If added than one program seems to be stuck, you may charge to restart the X Window System. To do that:#Press Ctrl+Alt+F2.#Type this command, then columnist Enter: init 2#You will see the bulletin “X Window Arrangement shut down”. This will aswell end the K Desktop Ambiance and all its accessible applications.#Then enter: init 5#The X Window Arrangement ... Read More by user

Alive Knoppix Complete

 Knoppix has congenital abutment for some complete cards. Able-bodied accurate cards cover Soundblaster compatibles, Artistic Soundblaster Live, C-Media 8738, Intel i810, Ensoniq, Clear Soundfusion and the Via 82c alternation of complete cards.= Testing complete in KDE =#Click K Menu.#Point to Settings.#Click Ascendancy Center.#Wait for a moment while the “KDE Ascendancy Center” starts.#On the larboard side, bang Complete & Multimedia.#Under Complete & Multimedia, bang Complete System.#On the appropriate side, bang “Start aRTs server on KDE startup”.#Click Apply.#Click Analysis Sound.#You should apprehend the KDE startup sound.= Testing complete in XMMS =To play the congenital affirmation music file:#Click the CD-ROM figure for your Knoppix CD.#Click the “Demos” folder.#Click the “Audio” folder.#Click the “opensource.ogg” file.#Wait while the “X Multimedia System” appliance starts.#The affirmation song will play. If the affirmation song does not alpha automatically, bang the “Play” butt... Read More by user

Alive Knoppix Multimedia

 = Arena Audio CDs =Knoppix has a congenital amateur for Bunched Disc Agenda Audio music CDs. Clashing data CDs, audio CDs dont charge to be army in adjustment to be played. The ideal is to accept two CD drives in your computer – one for the Knoppix CD, and one for the audio CD that you wish to play. If you alone accept one CD drive, accredit to “If you accept alone one CD drive” in the “Advanced startup options” section.#Click K Menu.#Point to Multimedia.#Point to Sound.#Click KsCD (CD Player).#The CD amateur appliance will appear.#Put the audio CD in the drive that is not active by Knoppix.#Click the big “Play” button in the KsCD window to begin. #The audio CD will be played.If your CD-ROM drive is active to the complete card, you will apprehend the music through the speakers absorbed to the complete card. If you deceit apprehend anything, bung your speakers or headphones into the audio out atrium on the foreground of the CD drive. Then acclimatize the aggregate akin using the aggrega... Read More by user
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Alive Knoppix Borderline accessories

 = Press =Knoppix has congenital abutment for hundreds of accepted printers. Alongside and USB access are supported. The best accurate inkjet printers are HP and Epson. Some Assize and a few Lexmark printers are aswell supported. On the laser front, all greyscale Addition and alotof greyscale Printer Ascendancy Accent (PCL) laser printers work.However, some printers do not plan with Knoppix. The printers that do not plan tend to be bargain Lexmark inkjet printers, and actual low amount colour laser printers. Colour laser printers plan if they are absolutely Addition or PCL compatible. Unfortunately, actual low amount colour laser printers tend not to be accordant with either. They are accordingly absolutely adverse with Knoppix.To set up a printer affiliated by a USB or alongside cable:#Click the Knoppix figure in the Panel.#Point to “Configure”.#Click “Configure printer(s)”. #Wait for a moment while the KDE “Printing Manager” starts.#Click “Add”. #Click “Add Printer/Class…”.#The accept... Read More by user

Alive Knoppix Internet

 = Accepted web browsers =Once you accept an Internet connection, Knoppix has several altered browsers congenital in. A browser is a program for using the Apple Advanced Web, one of the Internets alotof accepted services.= Email =Knoppix has several altered email clients. An email applicant is a program that lets you forward and accept Internet email. Actuality is how to set up the KMail email applicant in Knoppix:#Click the K card in the basal larboard corner.#Point to “Internet”.#Click “KMail (Mail Client)”.#The KMail mail program will be loaded.#Click the “Settings” menu.#Click “Configure KMail”.#The KMail agreement awning will appear. On the larboard side, ensure that “Identities” is selected. Bang “Modify”.#Enter your absolute name, organisation and email address, then bang OK.#Click “Network”.#Click “Remove”.#Click “Add”.#Make abiding “SMTP” is selected, then bang OK.#In the “Host” box, access the hostname of your Internet Account Providers approachable SMTP (Simple Mail Alteratio... Read More by user
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Alive Knoppix Networking

 = Abutting to a arrangement =Knoppix has congenital abutment for some Ethernet arrangement cards. As a rule, if the computer has a arrangement card, Knoppix will be able to abutment it (except the actual old, or the actual new).Well accurate cards cover 3Com, Realtek, NE2000 compatible, Intel and some others. However, some Broadcom cards, begin in assertive Allowance PCs create afterwards the year 2000, do not plan with this adaptation of Knoppix.If you accept a accurate arrangement card, Knoppix will attack to configure it automatically during startup. This is for you if you accept a server which manages your bounded breadth network. To analysis to see if it worked:#Click the Konsole figure in the Console (bottom row, 6th from the left).#Type this command and columnist Access at the end of the line: ifconfig#You should see a acknowledgment like this: This says the first Ethernet interface (eth0) has been accustomed the Internetworking Agreement (IP) abode “”. If the Ethern... Read More by user

Alive Knoppix Using billowing disks

 = Using a billowing deejay = Knoppix supports all accepted 1.44 Mb billowing drives. If you accept an Imation LS120 SuperDisk drive, see the after section. The SuperDisk drive is not a accepted 1.44 Mb billowing drive; it works absolutely differently. To archetype files assimilate a 3.5” billowing drive: #Check the write-protect tab on the billowing disk. Create abiding the tab is in the bankrupt (write enabled) position. #Insert the billowing deejay into the drive. #Click already on the “Floppy Disk” figure on the Desktop. #The files on the billowing will be displayed. #Drag and bead files and folders to be affected into the billowing deejay window. #Click “Copy Here”. #The files will be copied. #Wait until the billowing drives “busy” ablaze goes out. #Close the billowing deejay window. #It is now safe to abolish the billowing deejay from the drive. Note Unmounting a 3.5 billowing deejay is done for you automatically. There is no charge to “Change read-write mode”, because the read-wr... Read More by user
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Alive Knoppix Using an alien USB drive

 Knoppix supports two types of alien USB harder drive:Knoppix uses its congenital USB Accumulation Accumulator disciplinarian to abutment these drives. Both USB 1.1 and the faster USB 2.0 drives are supported. USB 1.1 drives plan at 12 Mbits per additional (about 1.5 megabytes per second). USB 2.0 drives plan at up to 480 Mbits per additional (about 60 megabytes per second) if acquainted into a USB 2.0 able socket.A USB harder drive stick is a baby accessory like a key fob. Some agenda cameras aswell plan as an alien USB harder drive. Any agenda camera will plan provided it supports USB Accumulation Storage. Some agenda cameras accept to be put in “DSC Mode” to accredit USB Accumulation Storage. To archetype files assimilate an alien USB harder deejay drive:#Insert the USB drive into any USB socket.#After a abbreviate pause, an figure for anniversary allotment on the new drive should appear. In alotof cases there will be a individual allotment on the USB drive that covers the absolute d... Read More by user

Alive Knoppix CD account and autograph

 = Account CD-ROMs =see: Knoppix has congenital abutment for account Bunched Disc Agenda Data discs. It is best to accept two CD drives – one for the Knoppix CD, and one for the data CD that you wish to read. If not, see “If you accept alone one CD drive” in the “Advanced startup options” section. To apprehend a data CD:#Insert the data CD into an abandoned CD-ROM drive.#Click the figure on the Desktop on that represents the drive. The “CDROM” figure represents the first CD drive, and “CDROM1” represents the additional drive. In Windows, the first drive is accustomed a lower drive letter (eg “D:”). The additional drive is accustomed a college drive letter (eg “E:”).#A blooming triangle will arise on the CD drive figure to announce that the drive is in use.#Wait while the Konqueror book administrator starts up.#The files on the CD will be displayed.#Close all windows and files opened from the CD.#Press the Banish button on the foreground of the drive.#The CD tray will be ejected.Question... Read More by user



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