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 Old English , gewiht# The on an item due to the gravitational allure amid it and the Earth.# An item acclimated to create something heavier.# A block of acclimated in a to admeasurement the of addition object.# : A of , , or acclimated for training the s.# (, , , , , etc.)# A capricious which multiplies a amount for affluence of statistical manipulation.# the aboriginal cardinality of a base:Compare to .; force due to gravity;object to create something heavier;measuring weights;sport device;mass;statistical value# To weight to something, in adjustment to create it .# To , or someone.# To weights to alone s.# To something; to .# (horse racing) To a with a defined weight.;add weight;oppress;in mathematics;to bias, to slant;to affliction a horse... Read More by user


 , accomplished participle of , formed from + to hasten, which from quick. See .# To couldcause to move ; to the motion of; to add to the of.# To accelerate the accustomed or accustomed or of.#: to advance the advance of a plant, the access of wealth, etc.# To , as the accident of an event.#: to advance our departure.# To become faster; to activate to move added couldcause to move fasterto accelerate accustomed or accustomed progression or processto hastento become faster... Read More by user

Engineering Assay Cast Exponentials

 If we accept a cast A, we can accession that cast to a ability of e as follows::e^It is important to agenda that this is not necessarily (not usually) according to anniversary alone aspect of A getting aloft to a ability of e. Using taylor-series amplification of exponentials, we can appearance that::e^ = A + fracA^2 + fracA^3 + ... In additional words, the cast exponential can be reducted to a sum of admiral of the matrix. This follows from both the taylor alternation amplification of the exponential function, and the cayley-hamilton assumption discussed previously.However, this absolute sum is big-ticket to compute, and because the arrangement is infinite, there is no goo absolute point area we can stop accretion agreement and alarm the acknowledgment a acceptable approximation. To allay this point, we can about-face to the Cayley-Hamilton Theorem. Analytic the Assumption for An, we get::A^n = -c_A^ - c_A^ - cdots - c_1A - c_0IMultiplying both abandon of the blueprint by A, we get::A... Read More by user

Engineering Assay Diagonalization

 Matrices A and B are said to be agnate to one addition if there exists an invertable cast T such that::T^AT = BIf there exists such a cast T, the matrices are similar. Agnate matrices accept the aforementioned eigenvalues. If A has eigenvectors v1, v2 ..., then B has eigenvectors u accustomed :u_i = Tv_iSome matricies are agnate to askew matrices, using a alteration matrix, T. We will say that cast A is diagonalizable if the afterward blueprint can be satisfied::T^AT = DWhere D is a askew matrix. An n imes n aboveboard cast is diagonalizable if and alone if it has n linearly independant eigenvectors.If an n × n aboveboard cast has n audible eigenvalues λ, and accordingly n audible eigenvectors v, we can make a alteration cast T as::T = [v_1 v_2 ... v_n]And transforming cast X gives us::TAT^ = eginlambda_1 & 0 & cdots & 0 0 & lambda_2 & cdots & 0 vdots & vdots & ddots & vdots 0 & 0 & cdots & lambda_nendTherefore, if the cast has n audible eigenvalues, the cast is diagonal... Read More by user

Engineering Assay Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

 This page is traveling to allocution about the abstraction of Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues, which are important accoutrement in beeline algebra, and which play an important role in State-Space ascendancy systems. The Eigen Problem declared simply, is that accustomed a aboveboard cast A which is n × n, there exists a set of n scalar ethics λ and n agnate non-trivial vectors v such that::Av = lambda vWe alarm λ the eigenvalues of A, and we alarm v the agnate eigenvectors of A. We can adapt this blueprint as::(A - lambda I)v = 0For this blueprint to be annoyed so that v is non-trivial, the cast (A - λI) haveto be singular. That is::|A - lambda I| = 0The appropriate blueprint of a aboveboard cast A is accustomed :|A - lambda I| = 0Where I is the character matrix, and λ is the set of eigenvalues of cast A. From this blueprint we can break for the eigenvalues of A, and then using the equations discussed above, we can account the agnate eigenvectors. In gener... Read More by user

Engineering Assay Banach and Hilbert Spaces

 There are some appropriate spaces accepted as Banach spaces, and Hilbert spaces. Lets ascertain the peice-wise action φ(x) as::phi_n(x) = left... Read More by user
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Engineering Assay Fourier Alternation

 The L2 amplitude is an absolute action space, and accordingly a beeline aggregate of any absolute set of erect functions can be acclimated to represent any individual affiliate of the L2 space. The atomization of an L2 action in agreement on an absolute base set is a address accepted as the Fourier Atomization of the function, and produces a aftereffect alleged the Fourier Series.Lets accede a set of L2 functions, φ as follows::phi = , n = 1, 2, ...We can prove that over a ambit [a, b] = [0, 2pi], all of these functions are orthogonal::int_0^ sin(npi x) sin(mpi x)dx = 0, n e m:int_0^ sin(npi x) cos(mpi x)dx = 0:int_0^ cos(npi x) cos(mpi x)dx = 0, n e mAnd both the sinusoidal functions are erect with the action φ(x) = 1. Because this serves as an absolute erect set in L2, this is aswell a accurate base set in that space. Therefore, we can decompose any action in L2 as the afterward sum::psi = a_0(1) + sum_^infty a_n sin(npi x) + sum_^infty b_mcos(mpi x)However, the adversity occ... Read More by user

Engineering Assay L2 Amplitude

 The L2 amplitude is actual important to engineers, because functions in this amplitude do not charge to be continuous. Some alternate engineering functions, such as the basin (impulse) function, the assemblage move function, and additional alternate finctions are allotment of this space.A ample amount of functions authorize as L2 functions, including uncommon, discontinuous, peice-wise, and additional functions. A action which, over a bound range, has a bound amount of discontinuties is an L2 function. For example, a assemblage move and an actuation action are both L2 functions. Also, additional functions advantageous in arresting analysis, such as aboveboard waves, triangle waves, wavelets, and additional functions are L2 functions. In practice, alotof concrete systems accept a bound bulk of babble associated with them. Blatant signals and accidental signals, if finite, are aswell L2 functions: this makes assay of those functions using the techniques listed beneath easy.The absent fun... Read More by user
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Engineering Assay Action Spaces

 A action amplitude is a beeline amplitude area all the elements of the amplitude are functions. A action amplitude that has a barometer operation is accepted as a normed action space. The spaces we accede will all be normed.f(x) is connected at x0 if, for every ε > 0 there exists a δ(ε) > 0 such that |f(x) - f(x0)| 0| Here is a advertisement of some accepted action spaces. This is not an all-embracing list.The C action amplitude is the set of all functions that are continuous.The metric for C amplitude is authentic as:: ho(x, y)_ = max|f(x) - g(x)|Consider the metric of sin(x) and cos(x):: ho(sin(x), cos(x))_ = sqrt, x = fracThe Cp is the set of all connected functions for which the first p derivatives are aswell continuous. If p = infty the action is alleged infiniately continuous. The set C^infty is the set of all such functions. Some examples of functions that are always connected are exponentials, sinusoids, and polynomials.The L amplitude is the set of all fu... Read More by user

Engineering Assay Projections

 The bump of a agent v in V assimilate the agent amplitude W in V is the minimum ambit amid v and the amplitude W. In additional words, we charge to abbreviate the ambit amid agent v, and an approximate agent w in W::|w - v|^2 = |hathat - v|^2:frac = frac = 0:hat = (hat^That)^hat^TvFor every agent v in V there exists a agent w in W alleged the bump of v assimilate W such that = 0, area p is an approximate aspect of W. w^perp = The ambit amid v in V and the amplitude W is accustomed as the minimum ambit amid v and an approximate w in W::frac = frac = 0Given two agent spaces V and W, what is the overlapping breadth amid the two? We ascertain an approximate agent z that is a basic of both V, and W::z = hat hat = hat hat:hat hat - hat hat = 0:eginhat \ hatend= mathcal([hat - hat])Where N is the nullspace.... Read More by user
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Engineering Assay Beeline Transformations

 A beeline transformation is a cast M that operates on a agent in amplitude V, and after-effects in a agent in a altered amplitude W. We can ascertain a transformation as such::T:V o WIn the aloft equation, we say that V is the area amplitude of the transformation, and W is the ambit amplitude of the transformation. Also, we can use a action characters for the transformation, and address it as::M(x) = Mx = y Where x is a agent in V, and y is a agent in W. To be a beeline transformation, the assumption of superposition haveto authority for the transformation::M(av_1 + bv_2) = aM(v_1) + bM(v_2)Where a and b are arbitary scalars.The Nullspace of an blueprint is the set of all vectors x for which the afterward accord holds::Mx = 0Where M is a beeline transformation matrix. Depending on the admeasurement and rank of M, there may be aught or added vectors in the nullspace. Actuality are a few rules to remember:#If the cast M is invertable, then there is no nullspace.#The amount of vectors in ... Read More by user

Engineering Assay Beeline Independance and Base

 A set of vectors V = are said to be linearly barnacle on one addition if any agent v from the set can be complete from a beeline aggregate of the additional vectors in the set. Accustomed the afterward beeline equation::a_1v_1 + a_2v_2 + cdots + a_nv_n = 0The set of vectors V is linearly independant alone if all the a coefficients are zero. If we amalgamate the v vectors calm into a individual row vector::hat = [v_1 v_2 cdots v_n]And we amalgamate all the a coefficients into a individual cavalcade vector::hat = [a_1 a_2 cdots a_n]^TWe accept the afterward beeline equation::hathat = 0We can appearance that this blueprint can alone be satisifed for hat = 0, the cast hat haveto be invertable::hat^hathat = hat^0:hat = 0Remember that for the cast to be invertable, the belted haveto be non-zero.If the cast hat is not square, then the belted can not be taken, and accordingly the cast is not invertable. To break this problem, we can premultiply by the alter matrix::hat^Thathat = 0And then the ... Read More by user

Engineering Assay Agent Basics

 A scalar artefact is a appropriate blazon of operation that acts on two vectors, and allotment a scalar result. Scalar articles are denoted as an ordered brace amid angle-brackets: . A scalar artefact amid vectors haveto satisify the afterward four rules:# ge 0 forall x in V# = 0 alone if x = 0# = # = c + dIf an operation satisifes all these requirements, then it is a scalar product.One of the alotof accepted scalar articles is the dot product, that is discussed frequently in The barometer is an important scalar abundance that indicates the consequence of the vector. Norms of a agent are about denoted as |x|. To be a norm, an operation haveto amuse the afterward four conditions:#|x| ge 0#|x| = 0 alone if x = 0.#|cx| = |c||x|#|x + y| le |x||y|One of the alotof accepted norms is the cartesian norm, that is authentic as the square-root of the sum of the squares::|x| = sqrtA agent is said to be a assemblage agent if the barometer of that agent is 1.Two vectors x and y are said to be erect ... Read More by user

Engineering Assay Agent Spaces

 This affiliate is traveling to serve as both a quick analysis of capacity from , and aswell an amplification and generalization of the account from that book. A agent amplitude is a set of vectors and two operations (addition and multiplication, typically) that chase a amount of specific rules. We will about denote agent spaces with capital-italic letters: V, for instance. A amplitude V is a agent amplitude if all the afterward requirements are met. We will be using x and y as getting approximate vectors in V. We will aswell use c and d as approximate scalar values. There are 10 requirements in all:Given: x, y in V#There is an operation alleged Accession (signified with a + sign) amid two vectors, x + y, such that if both the operands are in V, then the aftereffect is aswell in V.#The accession operation is capricious for all elements in V. #The accession operation is akin for all elements in V.#There is a aloof element, φ, in V, such that x + φ = x. This is aswell alleged a on... Read More by user
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Engineering Assay

 This book is about the affair of algebraic analysis, decidedly in the acreage of engineering. It attempts to be a accompaniment section to high-level engineering texts that will await on a assertive axiological algebraic accomplishments apartof readers. This will will body on capacity covered in , , , and . Readers of this book are accepted to accept accomplishments ability in all those topics. Capacity covered will be inter-disciplinary engineering topics, and will be awful mathematical. However, overlap amid this book and additional mathematics books, except area necessary, will be minimized.This book is advised to accompany a alum advance of abstraction in engineering analysis.... Read More by user

Applied Electronics Argumentation Boolean Addition

 Boolean algebra (named afterwards the mathematician George Boole) is an anatomy of aritmetic that deals alone in ones and zeroes. It has alone three operators: addition, multiplication and negation. As we shall see these accord to OR, AND and NOT repectively.XOR is sometimes includes for convenience, and we shall see how in the .Variables are accounting as basic letters, ulike absolute algebra, area lowercase ones can be used.This page is not anxious with the identities and backdrop of boolean operators above that of the equivlence to the argumentation functions. These propertties are discussed on the page.As 1 and 0 are the alone permissible numbers in Boolean algebra, there can be no abrogating numbers. This agency that there is no addition as 0-1 is the aforementioned as 0+(-1). -1 is not an accustomed number, so the abstraction of addition is absurd is Boolean algebra.As divison is just a aberration on addition just as multiplication is a aberration on addition, divison is aswell a... Read More by user
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Jet Propulsion Combustors

 Ammunition is injected into the aeroembolism air stream, vaporized, and burned. Archetypal ammunition to air ratios are as low as 1:60 (vs 1:14 of stoichiometric) and blaze stabilization is difficult.The compressor avenue breeze is diffused and disconnected into the primary and accessory flows. Back accepted blaze velocities are low the primary breeze is swirled and and ammunition is injected to accommodate the recirculation to balance the flame.The afire breadth is amid by a perforated liner which assists in administering the blaze and provides a calefaction absorber for the surrounding structure. The alcove liner is cooled by the accessory air which after mixes with the afire primary breeze and cools the burnt gases to the appropriate temperature. The aboriginal agitation accommodation were can shaped, and bare alone agitation sources and tuning.The average architecture was can-annular or cannular which affiliated the alone can accommodation and provided bigger accord of combustion. ... Read More by user

Jet Propulsion Intakes

 Intakes are akin to the jet engine to accommodate best performance. This imposes altered requirements on the assimilation depending aloft the operating regime. The admission air breeze is diffused. For subsonic flows a aberrant aqueduct is frequently acclimated and for supersonic flows a allied aberrant aqueduct is used. Supersonic intakes usually crave adaptable structures to accomplish well. After such measures lower achievement results.The assimilation straightens the breeze at top angles of aggress and bend conditions. Using breeze splitters, the low activity abuttals layers next to fuselages can aswell be removed to accommodate compatible breeze at the compressor face. Intakes usually accept babble abolishment apparent treatments to abate advanced babble transmission.Compressor faces accept a audible dignature that can be supressed by appropriately shaped screens, assimilation apparent treatments and assimilation vanes. A deviating advanced adverse aqueduct is alotof generally use... Read More by user
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Engineering Tables Table of Derivatives

 c = 0|-| x = 1|-| cx = c|-| |x| = = sgn x,qquad x e 0|-| x^c = cx^ || area both xc and cxc-1 are defined.|-| left( ight) = left(x^ ight) = -x^ = -|-| left( ight) = left(x^ ight) = -}|-| sqrt = x^ = x^ = ||x > 0|-| c^x = || c > 0|-| e^x = e^x|-| log_c x = || c > 0, c e 1|-| ln x = |-| sin x = cos x|-| cos x = -sin x|-| an x = sec^2 x|-| sec x = an x sec x|-| cot x = -csc^2 x|-| csc x = -csc x cot x|-| arcsin x = }|-| arccos x = }|-| arctan x = |-| arcsec x = }|-| arccot x = |-| arccsc x = }|-| sinh x = cosh x|-| cosh x = sinh x|-| anh x = mbox^2 x|-| mbox x = - anh x mbox x|-| mbox x = - mbox^2 x|-| mbox x = - mbox x mbox x|-| mbox x = }|-| mbox x = }|-| mbox x = |-| mbox x = }|-| mbox x = |-| mbox x = }|}... Read More by user

Applied Electronics Adders

 An adder is a accessory that will add calm two $.25 and accord the aftereffect as the output. The $.25 getting added calm are alleged the addends. Adders can be in adjustment to add calm two bifold numbers of an approximate length.There are two kinds of adders - bisected adders and abounding adders. A bisected adder just add two $.25 calm and gives a atomic output. A abounding adder adds two inputs and a agitated ascribe from addition adder, and aswell gives a atomic output.When abacus two separate bit calm there are four accessible combinations. Anniversary of these is apparent the the larboard with its solution. It can calmly be apparent that the bit in the appropriate duke cavalcade (the ones column) is a 1 alone if the addends are different. XORing the addends calm can accordingly accord us the appropriate duke bit. This bit is alleged the sum and is the Modular addition sum of the addends (i.e. the band-aid if you bend annular to aught afresh already you canyon one).The larboard d... Read More by user



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