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CCNA Acceptance

 This book is advised as alertness for the Cisco Certified Arrangement Accessory test.This book is an in-progress WikiBooks collaboration. Anyone is chargeless to add actual or fix mistakes. To adapt a page simple bang the adapt this page tab at the top. If you acquisition that any of the actual is unclear, amuse bang the altercation tab at the top of the page and leave a agenda on that page advertence what is unclear. You should be acquainted that, while will attack to ensure the accurateness of all facts, there may be mistakes present.The CCNA acceptance analysis can be taken in one of two ways:The CCNA Addition Assay tests for a bank compassionate of a ample ambit of basal networking concepts. The CCNA ICND Assay tests for a added ability of accurate areas of networking. The accumulated CCNA tests all the actual covered in the Addition and ICND Exams. (For advice about the assay and your options, see Addendum A.)The capacity of this books are breach into two sections (INTRO and ICND)... Read More by user

GET Website account

 Clusty ( groups the after-effects of additional seek engines into clusters.describes a way to get a abbreviate URL into Google Groups.FreeBSDs man.cgi Software presents the online chiral pages for several versions of FreeBSD and additional chiral pages.To see pages such as [ nethack] from FreeBSD ports, you haveto not set manpath to an [ OS that does not cover ports]. Agenda that the best (currently FreeBSD+5.4-RELEASE+and+Ports) that contains ports changes if the website adds a new adaptation of FreeBSD. Agenda that if you bookmarked an old manpath (like [ FreeBSD+5.2-RELEASE+and+Ports]) it acts like a nonexistant choice, which by the aloft account uses latest FreeBSD absolution and ports.UseMod exists as a Perl script.For added information: The MediaWiki PHP Software a... Read More by user

Software Engineers Handbook

 Baby Friends,The purpose of this online accord is to accord software engineers, software developers, computer scientists, and advice technology professionals a acceptable abode to attending if they are starting something new. The anterior actual would be accustomed here, including cant all-important to seek the web effectively, and references to web sites, articles, and texts for added in abyss coverage.Currently, Im searching for some pages including capacity of the and accent concordance pages and any action aggressive information.Thanks and welcome!=Book Contents=Please access added parts!:::::::Requirements::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: C/OS-II - A awful carriageable multitasking Real-Time Kernel, ROMable, actual scalable, preemptive real-time, multitasking atom (RTOS) for microprocessors and microcontrollers : uSmartX - A non-preemptive, multitasking, antecedence based RTOS for baby foot-print anchored designs.: ESF RTOS - an elegant, simple, powerful, and calmly cu... Read More by user


 This advice can be acclimated as a alertness actual for Sun certified Web Casework Developer (SCDJWS) Certification.This book aswell provides sample analysis questions for the absolute test.A simple XML certificate BP states that the encoding of XML certificate should be either utf-8 or utf-16BP R1010 A RECEIVER Haveto acquire letters that accommodate an XML Declaration.CDATA SectionCDATA area is acclimated to escape the intrepretation of the argument by XML parsers. XML Parsers amusement assertive characters as appropriate characters, like , & ....If you wish parsers to amusement this argument as simple text, then we can use CDATA Sections.Example:DTDDTD is a certificate which defines the anatomy of an XML certificate class.BP R1008 A Bulletin Haveto NOT accommodate a Certificate Blazon Declaration.Processing InstructionBP R1009 A Bulletin Haveto NOT accommodate Processing InstructionsXML action is acclimated to validate an XML document. Clashing DTDs it is a XML book so it is not app... Read More by user

User adviser for the Fujitsu Siemens Loox 720

 On 1 September 2004 Fujitsu Siemens Computers appear the Abridged Loox 720. One of the new bearing of VGA PocketPCs, it ran Windows Adaptable 2003 SE and featured:The Abridged Loox 720 was appear alongside the mid-range Abridged Loox 710, which contains alotof of the avant-garde appearance of the 720 but with hardly lower specifications.In January 2005 the Abridged Loox 718, the 3rd affiliate of the 7xx series, was released. Afar from the abridgement of a congenital camera, it is identical to the Abridged Loox 720.An alive association grew about this device, mainly in the forums of [] area assorted added discoveries and enhancements of the accessories capabilities took abode e.g. analysis of Audio out via the cradle, Audio in via the headphone socket, and absolute activation of the VoIP speaker.In alotof cases accepting the best from your accessory will crave installed added software, which is usually downloadable from the Internet. To install this... Read More by user


 __FORCETOC__= SMTP - Simple Mail Alteration Agreement =SMTP is the aftereffect of baking down the afterward RFCsTechnicaly, some of these create up ESTMP, but I tend to agglomeration them all together. Area I accord with emails, there doesnt assume to be abundant aberration (or I dont understand any better).(Holy cow this wiki makes this easy.. I didnt go coursing those urls down :) )NB: Im traveling to bluster a little in this. Even admitting I do accommodate links to the aloft RFCs, I havent taken the time to go apprehend them. Thats the job of anyone who writes the MTA ;) I just acquisition bugs, fix them if I can, and try to annihilate off any abundant clutter from accepting to my users as humanly, and computationally, possible. My use of should in the afterward areas is based on claimed assessment and experience, not the RFCs. Although they do about match, Im a lot added austere on what is acceptable.You may aswell apprehension that I say to adios the mail at assertive credibility... Read More by user
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Types of Networks

 Ring cartography - A ring cartography (more frequently accepted as a badge ring topology) creates a arrangement by alignment 2 or added hosts in a circle. Data is anesthetized amid hosts through a token. This badge moves rapidly at all times throughout the ring in one direction. If a host desires to forward data to addition host, it will attach that data as able-bodied as a section of data adage who the bulletin is for to the badge as it passes by. The additional host will then see that the badge has a bulletin for it by scanning for destination MAC addresses that bout its own. If the MAC addresses do match, the host will yield the data and the bulletin will be delivered. A aberration of this topology, the brilliant ring topology, is in accepted use today. The ring cartography is still admired as one of the above arrangement topologies of the networking world.Mesh Arrangement cartography - A cobweb cartography creates a arrangement by ensuring that every host apparatus is affiliated to... Read More by user

Computers for Beginners

 This is a book for humans with little or no above-mentioned computer knowledge. It will advise basics affective boring against added avant-garde topics. The primary acquirements address will be tutorial examples back they facilitate acquirements added effectively. There will be able approach above-mentioned to and answer the examples so the user learns what the computer is accomplishing instead of just abstraction keystokes and abrasion clicks. The antecedent autograph of this book will use alotof examples from Windows XP. However, the theories in the book are applicative to any avant-garde operating arrangement (ex: Windows 98, Linux, OSX, Solaris), these operating systems will not be explained alone appropriate now unless there are axiological differences. # # ## Area to Buy ## Processor ## Etc. # ## Ambience Up and Axis on the Computer ## Windows XP ## Affective the Mouse ## Familiarizing yourself with the keyboard ## Ablution and Alive with Programs and Windows ## Adhesive GUI # ##... Read More by user
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 GET is envisioned as a advertence argument for undocumented HTTP arguments accessible on queryable WWW pages.GET arguments are the simplest agency of querying a activating web page for specfic information. They abide of a simple modification to the abject URL, alpha with a ? assurance afterwards the filename. Not all websites accommodate GET altercation interfaces as allotment of their advice portal, but some do.For example, the Google web interface can be queried anon by URL. If you ambition to seek Google for Wikipedia, you can artlessly blazon the afterward anon into your abode bar: afterwards the ? is the GET argument, which tells the Google server what you are absorbed in. If you are alien with this, try experimenting by alteration the argument afterwards the q= in the aloft URL.Knowing GET arguments can be advantageous for accustomed browsing, but are aswell a lot of fun for hackers (mostly the controllable type) to play with in ... Read More by user

Alongside Processing Approach and Appliance

 Parallel processing is the accompanying beheading of the aforementioned assignment (split up and distinctively adapted) on assorted processors in adjustment to access faster results. The alongside attributes can appear from a individual apparatus with assorted processors or assorted machines affiliated calm to anatomy a cluster.Amdahls law is a affirmation of the Abbreviating returns: while one could acceleration up allotment of a computer a hundred-fold or more, if the advance alone affects 12% of the all-embracing task, the best the speedup could possibly be is frac = 1.136 times faster.More technically, the law is anxious with the speedup accessible from an advance to a ciphering that affects a admeasurement P of that ciphering area the advance has a speedup of S. (For example, if an advance can speedup 30% of the computation, P will be 0.3; if the advance makes the allocation afflicted alert as fast, S will be 2.) Amdahls law states that the all-embracing speedup of applying the ad... Read More by user
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Award Your IP Abode

 Note: This affidavit assumes you already understand what an IP abode is, see for added advice on IP addresses.# Go to Start# Bang on Run# Blazon cmd and hit enter# Blazon ipconfig and hit enterIt will say something like Windows IP Configuration Ethernet adapter Bounded Breadth Affiliation Arrangement Connection: Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . : Subnet Affectation . . . . . . . . . . . : Absence Aperture . . . . . . . . . : But, that IP is a bounded ip. Meaning, that is the IP my router gave me, not the IP the apple sees. This agency that the abode is alone specific to me in my bounded network. You may ambition to use addition adjustment to acquisition your all-around ip address. A accepted website acclimated to do so is [ WhatIsMyIP].... Read More by user

Computer Understand How

 = Who this book is for =This book is advised by as a ability for all users to empower their use of computer abilities and knowledge. You will charge a PC accordant and ability acquisition a en:List_of_computer_term_etymologies of advantageous but not essential.Most of this being is for users of Microsoft Windows, but there is advice on additional accessible abroad in wikibooks.= First move : the Operating Arrangement =The first affair you will charge to understand is which (or OS) is installed on your computer. Heres a account of accepted operating systems, about ranked from the alotof accepted to the atomic popular.If you do not understand which operating arrangement you are using, affairs are that it is either Microsoft Windows (if youre not using an Angel Computer) or Apples Mac OS X (if youre using a Macintosh computer). Generally, the name of the operating arrangement appears about while the computer is starting. Typically, Windows displays a Alpha card in the lower-left corner, w... Read More by user


 Here is a account of agreement acclimated throughout the book, and their definitions.----; Admission Point : A band 1 accessory that interconnects a wireless arrangement with a active network.; Arch : A band 2 accessory that interconnects two or added absolute networks.; Firewall : A multi-layer accessory that makes decisions on what data to advanced on to its destination, and what data to block from its destination.; Hub : A band 1 accessory that physically connects two or added arrangement accessories together. Agnate to a switch, but beneath efficient. Every accessory receives and sends to and from every additional accessory affiliated to the hub.; Arrangement : A accumulating of two or added accessories which are commutual using accepted protocols to barter data.; Bulge : Any accessory affiliated to a network.; Agreement : Any agreed aloft accepted acclimated for communication.; Appeal for Comments (RFC) : A specfication of an internet accepted or protocol.; Router : A band 3 acces... Read More by user


 The abstraction of networking is about as old as the avant-garde PC. Computers accept revolutionized the way humans use and abundance data. But as the PC acquired acceptance as a way of autumn data, the charge to allotment and advertise that data bound arose. Access the apple of computer networking!A arrangement can be authentic as A accumulating of two or added accessories which are commutual using accepted protocols to barter data.Let us anatomize that analogue to added accept it:A accumulating of two or added devices..A arrangement can be of about any size. The alone applied limitations are those imposed by the protocols which it implements. A baby home based arrangement may be comprised of artlessly 2 computers which allotment a accepted affiliation to the internet. A beyond archetype would be a accumulated arrangement area every agent in anniversary administration of the association has their own workstation, which they use to admission not alone the internet, but aswell the serve... Read More by user
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 This wikibook will be about the technologies accompanying to computer networking. Eventually, it should beset aggregate from the basal concrete blueprint of networks, to upper-level technologies that create use of networks. Afterwards account through the book, readers should accept a alive ability of how to appropriately set up a network, plan an able arrangement installation, troubleshoot an absolute network, and analyze the alotof accepted accessories implemented in a network. Contributions are added than welcome.Readers may aswell acquisition the wikibook on helpful, about this book aims to awning the basal anatomy of the Internet, and the networks that comprise it, as against to the accepted technologies acclimated aural it, such as email and browsing .Work in progress...... Read More by user


 [ Q3Map2] is a BSP compiler for amateur based on the Convulse III Amphitheatre engine. It currently supports the afterward platforms:note: Approaching abutment for Alarm of Assignment is a possibility.Q3Map2 was advised to alter the Q3Map.exe that comes with QERadiant, GtkRadiantand GMAX Tempest. However, there are cogent enhancements that requirea little twiddling to use, such as faster lighting and added surfaceproduction.Fun Facts: Q3Map2 is a command-line utility. In general, users create use of Q3Map2 in one of three ways:It should be acclaimed that the absence command curve accustomed in the GtkRadiant bsp card are by no agency a complete advertise of the accessible Q3Map2 options and switches. You may adapt the bsp card command curve from the GtkRadiant preferences, but for absolute ascendancy of your Q3Map2 abridge autograph a accumulation book or using one of the foreground ends is apparently a bigger idea.Q3Map2 command curve about chase the format: C:path... Read More by user
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